Obama Barack 2


Dear Mister Président,

My name is tantinevictorine, excuse me but I speak not good in English.
I would ask you ( merci mon traducteur gogle) that you can resolve this problème and answer my question:

Why have you taxed 300 % the importation of our finest
Hein ? (with accent des ch’tis)

This is not good for our relations.

ROQUEFORT is natural, without chimical product.
And your american cow with
hormones ?
Hein ? ( with accent des ch’tis)

I hope that the problem will be resolved rapido = quickly.
Our Président Nicolas Sarkozy is your great friend. He declared :
Obama c’est mon copain, plus on se parle, plus on se trouve des points de convergence !
Je veux travailler avec lui, vite, vite, la main dans la main. Quickly, my hand in his hand.

Please can you telephon to him, to your friend Nicolas Sarkozy, he is waiting.
We have also caillette provencale from
mémé mounic and Mister Jupiter, but I created my own caillette «tantevictorine» with spinach, here is a photo:

We would like to flood te US market. (nous voudrions conquérir le marché americain)
What do you think about ?
(qu’en pensez vous )

Excuse my english « petit nègre » oh ! merde !

Thank you mery much, Mister Président

P.S a photo of the marvelous ROQUEFORT and our wonderfull french cow without hormone.....

Cette nouvelle terrible vient de tomber: Pif gadget en liquidation judiciaire !